Object of the Game

The object of the game is to protect all the animals so that the witches cannot change them into toads. Since you are the good fairy, you can do this by clicking on them to sprinkle them with your magic dust which will prevent them from being changed into toads. But if you click on a witch, all the witches will change all the animals next to them into toads - except, of course, the ones that you have already protected. The number of animals that you protected (that are uncovered) will be displayed along with the number turned into toads.


A witch's magic can only affect the animals immediately surrounding her. The rabbit is too fast (maybe too smart) for a witch to ever get next to, so a rabbit will never be turned into a toad. The rabbits are very special and will help you protect the other animals from the witches' magic. When you click on a rabbit, it will distribute your magic fairy dust to all the animals surrounding it, and if any of these is a rabbit it will do the same. Each animal that receives the magic dust then appears. Thus clicking on a rabbit might open up a large section of the board.

Playing a New Game

Under the Game menu, select New Game., The new board will retain the same options that you previously selected. Note that the number of witches is displayed in the orange box. The timer in the red box will start when you click the first square.

As you uncover animals, you can guess which squares are witches by knowing how many witches surround each animal. For example, as it only takes one witch to change a cat into a toad, there will only be one witch in the eight squares surrounding a cat. Since it takes two witches to change a dog into a toad, there will be two witches in the squares surrounding a dog. In the Help menu select Witches per Animal Chart to display a helpful reminder.

If you suspect a square of being a witch, you can mark it by right-clicking. Note that the witch count in the orange box will decrease as you mark squares. (But beware - you may not have correctly identified the squares!)


The Options menu will display a several features that you can cusomize. You can simply choose the level of difficulty, which will alter both the size of the board and the proportion of witches and animals. Or you can enter a number in any of the custom boxes that you want to change: number of rows and columns of the board, and number of witches.


The red box is the timer, which shows you how many seconds have elapsed since you clicked the first square. You can start and stop the timer at any time by right-clicking on it to toggle its current state.